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About Us

Dental Technology Group, Inc. was formed in 2005 and has been dedicated to providing superior support for dental practices large and small. We work hard to make our technicians feel like they are part of the office we service. We build long lasting relationships with each of our clients and together, our technicians help to build a team able to quickly and effectively work through any situation, trust each other, and provide a personal level of service for each of our clients.

How We Do Business

When it comes to the computer world, we know not everyone can "Speak geek." All of our pricing and descriptions for products and services are spelled out in plain English, and if you need a better translation we are more than happy to explain it further. We have seen some invoices from other companies that just show "Server" or "Workstation" and the price. Do you really know what you are getting? Is it a good deal? Is it even fair? Because we use equipment like Dell, our pricing, and specifics can be checked against their website at any time. Obviously, we need to beat their pricing or you could order directly from them. We have always been up front and honest with all of our clients, and all of our clients know exactly what they are paying for, and know they are getting a good deal because they can check it for themselves. We get asked all the time why we do not build or sell our own computers. The answer is easy. Dell makes some of the best computers on the market, they back them with a 3 year warranty, no matter who you buy them from. Building or selling our own computers would allow us to make more profit because it would be cheaper for us, but it is not a better value for you.

Our Staff

All of our staff; from the dispatchers to the technicians are continuously trained, and tested in all areas of their jobs, including security, HIPAA compliance, Network Management, Network Operating Systems, and Hardware. We also regularly attend seminars for various Dental Practice Management Software solutions around the nation, not as a vendor, but as a participant. If your staff attends these seminars, we know what is talked about, changes that are coming, and the questions your staff may have coming out of those seminars.

Over the years we have developed relationships with many sales, support, and engineering staff at the major dental software and supply companies. We utilize these relationships when our clients are looking for the right solution for items like digital x-ray sensors, practice management software, digital pans, and integration pieces. Because DTG does not accept incentives or referral payments, you can rest assured that the suggested solutions we provide are based on your needs, and not what we may get in return for offering a particular product or service.

The Owner

Mark Eibensteiner, President of Dental Technology Group has been working in the dental computer services field for over 20 years. Born and raised in Minnesota, his experience goes back to some of the first digital x-ray sensors that were available. Before founding Dental Technology Group, Inc he worked for Unisys Corporation where he was a Network Architect and team lead for projects including the entire change out of the Social Security Administration (273,000 computers and servers, across more than 1900 locations,) and team leads for the Internal Revenue Service, and regional banks. Mark's background includes Dean's List at Brown College, Microsoft Certified Professional, Dentrix Certified Installation Engineer, among other awards and certifications. He remains active in the field, staying on top of new technologies and coordinating installations and service for our clients.