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Dental Technology takes great pride with the products that we offer and the vendors that we use. We have spent years developing relationships with these vendors and in return our vendors help us when problems arise, many times goes well beyond what is written in the agreements to make sure our clients are well taken care of.


Our main vendor is Dell Corporation. Dell has been a vendor for DTG long before DTG was founded. It is no secret that Dell is a large company. Dell provides almost all of the computers for government agencies, and the vast majority of fortune 100 companies. Dental Technology Group, Inc is an Enterprise Certified Partner for Dell. What this means for you is that we can provide better pricing than you could by going directly to Dell.

All products that we sell that have a Dell logo are:


You can't be a computer services group without using Microsoft. From Microsoft Office, to Windows 10 and from Microsoft Server 2019 to Microsoft 365; Microsoft runs your computer network. All of our technicians have contacts at Microsoft, and 24x7 support if needed for any problem that might be encountered. Of course all of our technicians are also certified in Microsoft products that we offer. If you are looking for a solution, Microsoft has an option, and DTG can implement it.


Cisco-Meraki is another one of our vendors. Security is an everyday challenge in the computer world, and since 2007 DTG has been using Cisco and Cisco-Meraki devices for firewall and security solutions. Cisco is the most well known name with firewalls, routers, and related appliances. Recently we have migrated to the Meraki line for our DataCenter and our DRS solutions (Data Replication Service.) All Meraki devices exceed HIPAA, and PCI-DSS compliance. We are able to setup secure VPN tunneling from any location, HIPAA compliant WIFI, guest WIFI, and it's all backed by Cisco. Don't choose a second class solution when security and compliance are now ranked the #1 concern of all businesses.


Dental Technology Group, Inc is a partner with Samsung. While most people are familiar with their HDTV's and mobile phones; the Samsung Commerical line-up provides solutions geared for your practice. The commercial HDTV, and Commercial Display solutions provide multi-year warranties that include onsite replacement if one should fail. These commercial displays are designed and built for use in a business, and not for home. This advantage alone allows for better longevity and more flexibility compared to other manufacturers. Samsung also have a line of digital displays that allow for advertisement along with entertainment.


Ergotron is based in St Paul MN, and provide mounting solutions for many of the hospitals around the nation. The Ergotron product line is broad and flexible, allowing us to find a mounting solution that can handle any request we get. While there are other vendors that also provide these solutions, Erogtron is typically the most ecconomical, durable, and flexible option.