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Our Data Center

DTG wholly owns our Data Center, which means we control every aspect of it. We do not rent space at some server farm, or resell a solution and let another company worry about the backup. We can tell you where your data is at any point in time. We maintain our Data Center, and ensure that our Data Center is secure, and running at all times.

Backup - Data Replication Service (DRS)

In 2007 Dental Technology Group, Inc made an investment in creating our own Data Center, well before any other computer services group that catered to the Dental community. Our clients can say that this has been a practice saving addition to our services.

How it works:

DRS is a multi tiered backup solution with redundant On-Site and Off-Site elements.  On-Site backup allows for fast recovery and emergency server emulation if needed to reduce downtime if a system failure occurs.  Off-Site backup provides protection against full site catastrophe.  Data is sent to our secure Data Center where additional backups are done to ensure your data is protected.

This type of solution protects against ALL of the following:

DRS takes the backup liability off of the office. DTG ensures that your backup is good. Making it one less thing you need to worry about.

Questions that you should ask about your backup. If you don't know the answers, it is important for you to get them before you need to recover data.

  1. If you are doing your own backup, do you know if the data is any good?
  2. If you are using online backup:
    1. Is all of your data being backed up?
    2. How long does it take to get your data back?
    3. Is your solution provider providing a HIPAA compliant solution?
    4. Where exactly is your data stored? In the US, or is it overseas?
    5. Do they own their solution, or are they reselling a solution, and relying on another company to handle this very important part for them?