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Integrating The Technology That Empowers Dentistry

Technical Services

DTG installation services range from the simple single seat office to the most complex multi-location practice. From starting a practice to becoming a fully paperless office. Dental Technology Group, Inc has integration services that will exceed your expectations. Since 2003, we have taken several major client paperless, and they haven't looked back. We continue to strive to make your office as efficient as possible. We are a one stop shop for your technology needs and wants today, tomorrow and in the future.

Consulting Services

DTG has always had free consulting services for our clients. These consulting services include network architecture and design, budgeting and time lines for any upcoming project. If the new project is installing computers for the first time, or your practice is going to remodel or even build a new office, DTG consulting services are free to you.

New or potential clients also have access to free consulting services. We offer free consulting services if you are looking to switch to DTG as your provider, and includes mapping out your existing network, working with your practice on what you like and do not like about your current network, and where you would like to see your practice in the future. We will also work with you on any remodel or new location free of charge if you decide to work with DTG.

Maintenance Plans

DTG offers maintenance plan options customized to each client. Whether your office is looking for someone to call as issues arise or you are looking for a full and comprehensive IT partner to handle routine maintenance along with patching and replacing equipment, we can put together a plan for your technology. DTG offers Hardware Included Maintenance Plans that let you take control of your IT budget. The Hardware Included Maintenance Plan covers the cost of IT troubleshooting including phone, remote, and on-site work. It also warranties your computer hardware from failure. The Hardware Included Maintenance Plan includes a monthly visit to do proactive maintenance on your systems such as updates and cleaning. The Hardware Included Maintenance Plan also replaces a portion of your computer hardware every year, keeping your equipment up to the demands of the ever changing Dental software and hardware.

Please note that our Hardware Included Maintenance Plan means that replacement hardware is BRAND NEW, and not someone else's discarded or refurbished equipment. (Yes, some computer services providers use "used", "like new" or "refurbished" equipment.)

Our Hardware Included Maintenance Plan plan also means that YOU OWN the equipment, it is not a lease, and yes, this maintenance plan is reasonably priced. Typical monthly pricing is about what you would pay on an equipment loan with the bank, but you also get the unlimited technical support and proactive replacements of the computers. Please contact us for more details.


Dental Technology Group Inc. takes your network, data, and patient security very seriously. We take aggressive steps to ensure that all levels of security are addressed with our clients. Because we are not the typical computer services company we know there is a lot more at stake than just losing some files. HIPAA, PCI-DSS compliance is a requirement, and not a suggestion. Ways we protect your data when you are a client of DTG:

Project Bids

Ever take your car to the mechanic; they provide you with an estimate and then you find out later that the final cost is double? Yeah, we hate that too. DTG uses project bidding for all requests that go over 10 hours. Project bids help protect you from misleading estimates, where the prices are too good to be true, only to find out in the end, the project was double what was estimated. Project bids outline exactly what we are going to do, and exactly what you are going to pay up front, before the project begins. No surprises! Project bidding requires DTG to know exactly what we are doing; underbid the project and we lose money, overbid the project and we typically won't get the job. Regardless, you will know what it takes to get a project completed.

Premise Wiring

On top of integration services, computer sales, and support, we also handle the low voltage wiring. This means phone and data wiring, termination, and certification. Secondary monitor wiring, and audio system wiring.